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Scenario Generator is the only simulation software tool for strategic planning that can predict population health, costs and capacity utilization.

Discover how simulation can be used to tackle key population health issues such as stroke, dementia planning and pre-natal care to enable healthcare delivery networks to deliver on the Triple Aim of quality of care, cost and better health for populations. Scenario Generator enables the design and simulation of care pathways within whole health care systems, including human services, that are driven by population demand over time. Find out more...

Simulation for Population Health

Delivering excellent quality of care, at lower cost, while improving the health of the population is the challenge of the IHI's Triple Aim. How populations might need healthcare and choose to access services is a complex management task. Networks of integrated healthcare delivery partners need to work together to understand how to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction efficiently. Find out more...

Try our Interactive Stroke Pathway Simulation

Access our interactive stroke pathway simulation and localize the simulations to reflect your reality. Change parameters including population size, number of doctor referrals, and acute bed numbers. Find out more...

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Case Studies

Read our case studies and learn how organizations like Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto and the UK NHS have used Scenario Generator to model population health.

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Scenario Generator v.5

We've listened to our users, and we've made our software even better. Check out the features in our latest release.

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